Friday 13th November 2015

Our concert  at St Cross, Clayton went very well. Unfortunately I have not recovered my voice following a chest infection, so  I took a little video camera and made a couple of very amateur recordings. It was, however a chance to experience the choir from the perspective of the audience.  I have to say I was very impressed by the quality of the performance. The swell of the sound and the effects of the lyric-sensitive dynamic are completely under-represented by the video recordings. Many pieces had an emotional impact and the Pachelbel/First Nowell gave me ‘shivers’ it was so moving.

It was such a pleasant evening with a very welcoming audience on such a black, wet and windy night. What a shock to come home to news of the Parisians, including the audience who were enjoying a concert at the same time as us, but became subject to murder and violence. On the one hand, it is so frightening to know that such events are becoming an everyday risk across the world; on the other, it is so inspiring that ordinary people should demonstrate awesome courage, immense love for others and complete solidarity in the face of such awful acts of hatred.

support Paris


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