Here’s what some of our members think about being in the choir:

Recently retired, newly married and in a strange town, I hardly knew anyone. Perhaps I should give singing a try again- I last sang forty years ago!Eccles community choir, no auditions needed, fun, friendly, maybe that will help?

What a difference it made. Five years on…… New friends, confidence in singing, delight at our achievements, and a town proud to call us their own!

Every community should have a choir as singing is a pleasure and something most of us do naturally when we feel happy, which in turn, gives a sense of well-being.

In 2010, having researched other choirs I decided to give Eccles Community Choir a try.  A friendly welcome awaited me and this welcome is still in place today for anyone turning up at rehearsals.  All rehearsals are enjoyable and learning to sing is fun under the musical directorship of Angela Rowley and professional pianist James Pelham.

The ECC has achieved much including winning both the Buxton and Chester Festivals.  Concerts are performed not only in our home base of Eccles but also in many districts thus allowing us to put Eccles on the map.  After singing at venues the choir is often welcomed back to sing at future events.  These invitations give us all a buzz and a great sense of achievement.

ECC feels like one big happy family, fosters new friendships and is open to all regardless of capabilities.

Enduring a traumatic 2012 having lost eight people in my life, including a family member, I missed several rehearsals.  During that time my husband and I received support from the choir by way of sympathy cards, telephone calls and emails.  All of these combined with my own continual thoughts of the choir kept my spirits on an even keel until I felt able to return.  Once back at rehearsals and in the friendly singing environment again, I felt as if I had emerged from a cocoon and that a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  For me, belonging to and singing in the ECC is now a part of my life I would not wish to be without.

In my opinion, ECC could stand for Ever Cheerful Choir but do not take my word for it, come along to a rehearsal and give us a try.

What the choir means to me:

After the death of my husband in 2010 I no longer had the confidence to go out in the evenings.  In Dec 2011 I learnt of the choir’s existence and with the encouragement of an acquaintance (fellow member) I joined the choir Jan 2012.  Tues evenings are now an event to look forward to.  Every member is welcoming and the atmosphere is so warm and friendly.  It has really made a difference to me. Thank you.

I love being a member of this wonderful group. I have been a member for over three years and have made some wonderful new caring friends.

Being a very shy person initially, it was a very big step for me to join a group where I knew nobody but I knew that we would all have a common bond… a love of singing!

During that three years I have found my confidence and feel I am now a very lively member of the choir and enjoy the social side and having a good laugh (as well as the wonderful singing)!

I have recently suffered with mental health problems, namely, severe panic attacks and anxiety…. the choir has been one of my saviours!!

I forced myself to attend each week and whilst there I felt like a normal person again. I have made a good recovery and I really do think that the choir and the people in it have been a large part of that quick recovery.

Singing in our choir is amazingly good for one’s wellbeing!!!

Singing is something to be enjoyed

By young and old, girl or boy

This community choir makes good use of our leisure

With fun and laughter thrown in for good measure.

Singing and laughter the two best free gifts we will ever be given

I love the choir because it gives the joy of having a good sing with other like-minded people.  It is not elitist, there are no auditions.  It also offers friendship and fun.  Although we sing some classical music we have a good time.

I started my singing career as a choirboy almost 70 years ago. I have sung in many choirs and as a solo performer. I enjoy the Eccles choir as it provides a local opportunity to carry on singing. It is a friendly group, and the leader is inspirational.I always feel better when I get home from choir and feel that it has really done me good.

I have been a member of Eccles Community Choir for 3 years. Although I am a member of other Eccles groups, my main love is singing and the choir keeps my musical interest alive. When we meet on Tuesday night, the singers are of all ages and we sing all types of songs. The choir is instilling in us that something good is happening in Eccles. This was shown a week ago when the beautifully refurbished Eccles Town Hall was opened to the public for a concert, and judging by the audience, they all loved our songs. Long may singing stay alive in Eccles.

I have been a member of the choir since its early days when I taught at Eccles Sixth Form College. I no longer work in Eccles but love the choir so much I travel nearly25 miles to and fro to be a part of this wonderful group. The eclectic range of work is stimulating and the thrill of competing at festivals is so good for sharpening focus and challenging ourselves .  Our impressive record of first prizes in all competitions entered is inspiring and a testament to Angela and James for their patience and professionalism. There is a great spirit of care and respect within this group. It is a truly loving community choir, of which I am proud to be a member.

The Choir is truly a very valuable part of my life and has enhanced it it so many ways……

While I was working it became a brilliant way to de-stress. Now that I am retired it has helped me to learn all sorts of new things for e.g. learn to read music, learn new computer program Sibelius, learn new singing techniques. I have also made many new friends, had the opportunity to work with the BBC Philharmonic and sung for the Queen!

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