Friday 19th July 2019 : May it Be… that we can Boost your well-being!

Some people love fantasy-world stories; The Lord of the Rings, being probably the best known, has always had a strong presence in the both the literary world and, more recently at the cinema.  These stories draw parallels between lives inhabited in an imaginary environment and those of the very real world we live in.

In our lives, we all experience gifts, joys, pleasures, challenges, struggles, desires and hopes; and for most of us, an inexorable anticipation exists of the ‘happy ending’ to our own individual stories. Of course, there are many who find no attraction in fantasy-world fiction, so it’s quite possible you have never read Tolkien’s books or watched the movies. Quite a number of the Choir were in that boat when we started to learn a medley of music taken from the Lord of The rings film score.  Still, the music is beautiful even if you don’t know the story.

One piece has stuck with us from that medley, perhaps because its sentiments are relevant to everyone. ‘May it Be’ is a kind of ‘Blessing Song’; poignant and uplifting – see if you agree by listening to the song in our video below.

Singing together for friendship and pleasure really helps our individual and collective well-being in Eccles Community Choir. The result of the work we put in is a ‘blessing’ we can offer to others, that is, a concert to share with the whole community. We want to give your well-being a boost; we sing a wide repertoire of music, to suit the whole family, in a supportive and friendly atmosphere. In turn, a large, appreciative audience gives us a real boost too! Come along next Friday if you can ( 7.30, Eccles Town Hall M30 0LH,, admission £5) it will definitely do us all good!

Wide ranging repertoire.. Light entertainment suitable for all ages. Refreshments and fully licensed bar. Please tell your friends. Do come along and share the best night out in Eccles!