Yippee! Thank you so much @SalfordTownTwinning!

This is a picture of a delighted and grateful choir! This summer, by invitation, we will be travelling once again to our Twin Town of Lünen in Germany. This will be our fourth trip and our fifth performance to honour our Twinning relationship, as we also sang at home in Swinton to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Salford’s Twin Towns in 2016. The proceeds of our cake sales and raffles help to subsidise the trip a little; to help ensure that anyone in our choir who wants to go can participate in the once-in-a- lifetime experiences afforded by the trip.

Most of the choir will be travelling by coach and ferry. On each previous trip -thanks to Angela’s expert planning and preparation-we were able to include additional experiences such as singing at the Last post at the Menin Gate, a concert at St Lambert’s in Münster and performing in Cologne and Bruges cathedrals. This year, we will add the Jakobikerk in Utrecht as part of the journey home from Lünen. And of course there will be plenty of time to socialise with each other and our Twin Town friends.

We are delighted and grateful that this year, for the first time, the Salford Town Twinning Committee has awarded us a grant of £3000.00 in support of the trip. Since this comes at a time when everyone is struggling so hard to cover costs, we are even more grateful for this money. Each member of the Choir party will again be an ‘ambassador’ for Salford; it’s wonderful that this important relationship can continue to flourish, despite Brexit and financial hard times. Thank you so much, @salfordtowntwinning!

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