Her Majesty the Queen 1926-2022

Eccles Community Choir is deeply saddened at the death of Queen Elizabeth II. May Her Majesty rest in peace.

As a natural response to this distressing news, we have been sharing memories and tributes over our WhatsApp group, where it became apparent just how many lives have been touched by our Sovereign. This lovely photo (left) was sent by the Queen on a signed card to one of our members and her husband in celebration of their 60th wedding Anniversary in 2021.

Over the years a number of our Choir members have had the privilege of meeting the Queen. Many years ago, one person from our Choir was personally introduced (as a teenager) to the Queen during the Queen’s visit to Worsley in 1968 and she can remember the momentous occasion like it was yesterday. Somewhat more recently, some of the people in our Choir participated in the Salford Family Orchestra and sang an original composition to the Queen at the official opening of Media City in 2012 , where it was fondly remembered that the Queen showed great interest in the people and the music. And one person from our Choir had the honour of attending a Royal garden party in 2016, where she took the fabulous photo below.

We started our Summer concert in July with a tribute to the Queen for her Platinum Jubilee by singing Zadok The Priest, a song from her Coronation. We did not realise then how soon we may well be singing it again, as a tribute to the new King, Charles III.

We would like to express our sincere condolences to the King and all of the Royal family. When we return to Choir next Tuesday, we will start the session with a minute’s silence in the Queen’s honour and we will then sing the National Anthem.

God Save the King!

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