We’re Saved! It’s Great to be Loved!

The pandemic hit us very hard financially, because we were unable to perform and participate in all the usual fundraising activities of the Choir. It’s important to us as a Community Choir to keep our subscriptions as low as possible -enabling anyone who wants to, to join- so subscriptions alone do not cover our running costs.

As the new Choir year started in September, we were faced with the real possibility that we may not be able to survive, as there was so little in the Choir coffers. This was despite holding ourselves together, singing and supporting each other throughout the pandemic and a very eager return to singing together a couple of weeks ago. It is with huge gratitude we can now tell you that the National Lottery All England Community Fund has saved our Choir by giving us a grant that puts us back into a stable financial position, with every prospect of continuing for many years to come! Hoorah! Thank you Lottery Players, thank you so much!

Poet and Author Florence Remmer

On 17th September, we gave a concert at Eccles Parish Church of our favourite pieces. We were astounded at the large and welcoming audience that turned out to listen to us; it was a wonderful evening. Friend of Eccles Community Choir, and published author Florence Remmer (pictured, left) launched the evening with a heartfelt poem dedicated to our Choir. She read her poem with great expression and we loved it.

Here is Florence’s Poem:

We sang our hearts out and now we can look forward to doing it over and over again! It’s so wonderful to be safe, appreciated and Loved! Here’s a little clip from the concert ( May it Be, Lord of the Rings, arranged by J Pelham)

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