Proceed with caution!

Wonderful news! We are able to sing together again and share the same physical space! During these many challenging months when we really needed the boost to our wellbeing that Choir affords, we have been kept apart by COVID.  At last, we can meet in person to practice together.

Because we have stayed together virtually, we are well prepared for singing together again. Thanks to the huge efforts and additional work put in by Angela, John and Janet, we have enjoyed regular Choir rehearsals via Zoom, supported by a variety of created online materials, plus occasional sessions where six singers were allowed at the Zoom Hub.

From Tuesday 20th July 2021, we will be meeting again for weekly rehearsals at a temporary new home of the church hall at Holy Cross Eccles M30 8QD. However, we will remain cautious, with strict COVID –safety measures in place and Zoom for those who do not yet feel able to attend in person.

In addition to our wide and varied repertoire, we learnt four new pieces in Lockdown, and even though we were all singing ‘on mute’, Angela assured us that each sounds beautiful – well, we will find out on Tuesday! No matter how it sounds, it will be the best music to our ears in a very long time!

2 thoughts on “Proceed with caution!

  1. Great post, Annie. Can’t wait for Tuesday.
    Choir members have been wonderful throughout the past 16 months; a fabulous support to each other and wonderful encouragement to me. Their tenacity is legend! How have we managed 16 months of zoom? I am so very proud of them all. Roll on our first concert when we can share our love of singing with our loyal audience

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