Going in the Right Direction!

Happy New Year! As we enter 2021, it may seem like ‘one step forward and two steps back’, but we are surely heading in the right direction. Some of our members have already received the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine, which is giving us all hope for a return to singing together in time for our summer concert. Although, realistically it may be 2022 before we can expect to enjoy our deferred summer trip to sing in Prague.

We enjoyed a Christmas concert via Zoom, with recitations and quizzes for Choir members and their guests, in addition to the carols and yuletide songs, led by a handful of volunteer singers at our temporary Zoom hub under the direction of MD Angela. We cannot sufficiently thank Angela, our accompanist John and technical wizard Janet for all their hard work and dedication which kept the Choir going and enabled the best possible experience under such prescriptive Covid-19 restrictions.

Entering Tier 4 seems like a step backwards because it increases the limitations on Zoom rehearsals, but we understand why these measures are needed and that all the steps taken in the fight against The Virus are actually aimed at returning to normal activities as soon as we can.

Tuesday evening rehearsals commence on 12th January at 7pm. Despite being operated remotely, the costs of running the Choir are practically unchanged, and income from concerts etc. has been wiped out since March 2020. Therefore, it’s critical to the survival of our Choir beyond the pandemic that our members stay engaged and continue to pay subscriptions. We are always ready to welcome new members. No auditions; we sing together in harmony for pleasure and friendship.  If you would like to give us a try, please contact our Musical Director, Angela at angelarowley@ntlworld.com . Angela will give you access to the Zoom rehearsals and you can decide if you would like to join the Choir before starting to pay subscriptions (£35 per term, or £105 per year). We support each other via social media, a WhatsApp group and emails; with postal updates and phone calls for those few members who are not able to interact digitally. The friendship and support of the Choir has been hugely significant to many of us struggling to cope with the impact of The Virus and the singing is so good for one’s soul…can’t wait for Tuesday evenings!

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