Spring Concert Went Like a Dream

On Friday 28th April we were delighted to entertain a full house at Eccles Town Hall (ECHO, https://ecclestownhall.org/ ) and we received wonderful feedback from the audience.

Here is a video clip with a small taster from the two-hour programme. It was recorded on a mobile phone by Margaret’s very kind daughter Alison, and I added the Title slide.  Alison has worked hard to support us at practically every concert at ECHO and she spontaneously got her phone out to try to capture some of our performance to share on the Choir’s Facebook group.

Obviously, the image quality and sound quality are somewhat limited because this is mobile phone footage, but I am sure you will still enjoy the clip; you can still hear every word. In the very near future, we should have a proper video recorder and as soon as we find a volunteer camera person, we should be able to share additional, superior quality examples of our performances with you!

By the way, Angela is not ten feet tall ( although hopefully she felt she was after the concert!), she is standing on a platform so that we can all see her.

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