Unsung Hero

Our accompanist John Stott has been with Eccles Community Choir now for two years. It takes more than being a talented pianist to be such a great accompanist. John works tirelessly and with amazing patience to support us as we learn and as we perform. He has to be proactive –  ready to add an occasional bar or respond to ‘unexpected’ tempo changes once in a while; helping to make all our performances appear seamless  and professional. During practice sessions, one section of the choir may get a little rest every now and then, whilst another concentrates on a tricky part. But, along with our musical director Angela Rowley, John never gets a rest. And during concerts, he has to perform for the full concert – although, he does get to sit down all the time!

John also goes beyond the call of duty by helping us to work on our parts for many pieces by creating guides for us to access via Youtube; like this one for the soprano part of Purcell’s Sound the Trumpet

Thank you John, we really appreciate everything you do. If you are thinking of joining Eccles Community Choir, be assured, we get fabulous help,  support and encouragement from our professionals!


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