August: Golden Jubilee visit to Lünen

Last summer the choir visited Salford’s partner town of Lünen in northern Germany and our visit was met with such acclaim that we were invited to return to celebrate 50 years of town twinning which coincides with the 675th anniversary of the town of Lünen.

The trip was again arranged through the Salford/Lünen Diocesan Partnership and the German members  worked hard to arrange concert opportunities in Lünen, Cologne Cathedral, the Drüggelte Kapelle at the Möhnesee (of Dambusters fame) and St Maria in der Höhe in Soest. The choir also took part in a morning service in Lünen.

The mayor, Herr Jürgen Kleine-Frauns welcomed the group at a civic reception in the town hall and he attended the jubilee concert at which he stressed the friendship between the people of our two towns which overrides any referendum result and he commented on the sense of enjoyment and friendship displayed by the choir which received a huge standing ovation. The town hosted a post-concert dinner for the group.

The trip cemented relationships formed last year and Rev Andrea Ohm of the Partnership said “all good things come in threes” as she invited the choir to return.


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