Our New CD recording should soon be on sale

We had an extraordinary session on Saturday 19th  March (many thanks to Branwood School for allowing us to access the premises when the school was closed) to record 12 tracks for a new CD. It was a very exciting experience. We still found time for a natter and a cuppa at break time.

We needed to behave as if we were singing at a concert, but this time we were fortunate to have the chance to repeat the performance if need be! We are in the process of applying for funding to help us turn out the  final product, which in turn will support the continuing existence  of our fabulous choir. Also, we will be able to share our feel-good music making far and wide, not just at concerts!

Our record producer, Michael, was very patient with us and he said it was one of the easiest recording sessions he has experienced – maybe he was just being kind, we found it quite exhausting! But -let’s hope- worth it!

Here are some photographs from the day, when  we were hard at work.

IMG_2096 IMG_2097 IMG_2098 IMG_2099 IMG_2100 IMG_2101







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