International Friendships Secured

The Concert with the Czech Youth Choir was a great success. We had a very large audience and the numbers associated with two choirs meant we had a bit of a squeeze to find somewhere to sit. The programme was extremely varied. It was a happy coincidence that both choirs included the Hallelujah Chorus and everyone seemed to enjoy both versions! Maybe if we perform together again, we could prepare a piece to perform jointly as a ‘Continental Chorus’ ? It was a privilege to share the stage with such very talented young people.

We have also developed a deeper relationship with our twin town friends from Lünen. Here is a link to an amateur video of the choir performing  Vivaldi’s Gloria in Germany: 

A group of our hosts travelled to Salford at the weekend and on Sunday 11th October we performed Gloria again within a 1 hour concert for them, followed by a delicious banquet provided by the choir.

GV 1 GV3 GV4 GV5GV 6

We wanted to show our appreciation for the warm welcome we received this year and we are excitedly looking forward to visiting again in 2016

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