Fed-up in a good way!

We had a very enjoyable evening at Monton Sports Club last night (http://www.montonsportsclub.co.uk).

Although we get chance to meet up at choir practice, it’s a great idea to have an occasional social outing where we can get to know each other better and have the opportunity of dining out with friends.  The room was beautifully presented and the service was excellent. We enjoyed a very good quality 2-course meal provided by Blacksticks, which was also extremely affordable; hence, a good number attended.

It’s choir practice again tonight and the concert at Swinton URC on Thursday-  in addition to the full stomach, choir has almost filled the week!

If you are reading this blog and thinking of joining us, just come along to Branwood School on a Tuesday evening at 7.15 and we will make you welcome. Please see the practice dates page for details.


One thought on “Fed-up in a good way!

  1. Dear Choir,
    I am so sorry to be playing hookey at the moment, but my new job is quite demanding in a very nice way; Thank God. However I have been too tired to trek out to Eccles after work and with having little practice and a prior commitment I will be missing the concert. Apologies .
    I know you will ‘wow’ them as you always do. Will be thinking of you.

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