Your vote Matters !

Choir starts up again tomorrow evening and we look forward to another exciting year. We are planning to travel to perform in our twin Town Leunen next summer and a number of people are doing what they can to help raise some funds.


However, we still need help with the choir’s more routine activities and we are always extremely grateful for any grants, funds or donations that come our way. Because we are a community choir open to all adults, it’s important to keep our subscriptions to a minimum and it is a struggle to meet the overheads. We also need to cover the cost of new sheet music, concert venue hire, travel to festivals etc.  –  and HURRAH, we have been shortlisted for a Skipton Building Society Grassroots grant. Please could you spare a few moments to vote for Eccles Community Choir to help us win a £500 grant. Just click on the link below.


£500 is a significant amount for us – it could make a real difference! And please will you forward this to as many of your contacts as possible so they can vote too.i voted

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