The Blog is Back!

It seems like ages ( well that’s because it is ages!) since I last blogged. Although, I did manage to make sure the practice  dates were uploaded. Now that I’m quite a bit better, I will make sure the blog becomes a regular feature again. Speaking of making a recovery, I think I can say on behalf of everyone in the choir how pleased we were to learn that James is home from hospital and on the road to recovery. John was a star in stepping in for James to accompany us and he has quickly settled in to our friendly group. It’s delightful that we have a good number of new members, who also seem to have happily merged into the choir membership.  There is still room for more, so please pass the word that Eccles Community Choir has some places available – and there is no audition!

As you know, we keep subscriptions low to ensure everyone can afford to join. This means that our subscriptions don’t  cover all of our costs, so we rely on fundraising  for our continued survival. Sheila and I spent an enjoyable afternoon applying for grants ( fingers crossed);  the afternoon included a lovely custard tart. We had cakes at the committee meeting last Friday, so if I carry on  like this, I’ll be off to weightwatchers!

Our next concert is the Spring Concert at Eccles Community Hall ( the Old Town Hall)> Karen very kindly provided some photos(below) from our concert last year which launched the Town Hall.  The Town Hall has its own website, at with details of forthcoming events.


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