Listen and learn

Hello again.  Choir resumed 2 weeks ago,but unfortunately, for personal reasons, I wasn’t able to get to choir practice until tonight. Added to that, I now have a chest infection and I am very hoarse and could not sing much.  So it was all a bit different for me tonight…because we had our first meeting at our new venue which we hope will become a permanent home for the choir, we have new members (and very welcome they are!) and all I could do was listen and try to learn without singing.

The latter was actually quite a revelation for me – I really enjoyed listening to the choir and it was fascinating how when Angela’s advice was followed the quality of the sound was noticeably improved. It proved to me that we really do receive a valuable singing lesson each week ( if only we could remember to do all the things she tells us!). Even though our pianist James wasn’t there tonight, I found the choir’s performance to be quite impressive, and we didn’t drift too far out of key. But it will be great to have James back, as having our own pianist is a great support to us and our Director Angela.

Our practice venue is now Branwood School, Stafford Road, Eccles and we are delighted with the facilities.  We have more space to allow our numbers to swell and dedicated car parking. And we are very grateful for Stefan who manages the care of the site while we are there and locks up behind us – we will try not to dawdle for too long after choir!

I hope our new members enjoyed themselves; it’s such a friendly choir I’m sure they will settle in very quickly. It seems such a long time since that summer concert and it was lovely to see everyone again.

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