…and relax!

We have had a couple of weeks away from choir for half term break. I thought, time to relax. Actually, I have been kept really busy and  the time has slipped by very quickly. I was talking to Rita (pictured here wearing red), who said how much she is looking forward to returning to choir; she enjoys it so  much and finds it really relaxing. Despite the hard work and concentration we have to put in at choir practise, Rita is right, it is a relaxing experience. By concentrating on the music and the singing and Angela’s instruction, you are carried away from all your worries  and ‘busy-ness’ for a couple of hours; and you go home feeling refreshed and ready for a proper night’s sleep. Rita is right, I’m sure I will feel much less fraught at the end of next Tuesday evening compared to Tuesday this week!!! Rita & Theresa

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