Key learning points

We had a lovely time at choir again last night.  I really enjoyed Howard Goodall’s The lord is my Shepherd ( theme  for Vicar of Dibley) and I thought we sang The Rose better than we have done in quite a while. We made some good progress with the new pieces we are learning – We will get that nightingale singing in Berkley Square beautifully eventually, I’m sure.  And I can tell that the choir members are loving the Rodgers and Hammerstein medley, I couldn’t get to sleep last night for chicks and ducks scurrying through my mind,  I never appreciated  that ‘The surrey with the fringe on top’ was so cleverly written until now.

Last time, I learnt to think of the music rising when singing a line that descends down the scale ( see picture). This week, I learnt that we should think ‘luscious’ when aimimg for a really smooth legato sound- we had quite some fun swirling our arms and wriggling lusciously  – just as well I didn’t bring the camera this week!


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