Tonight when, as we worked through the Rodgers and Hammerstein Medley, we reached ‘Oaklahoma’ our thoughts turned to the people of Oaklahoma who have been affected by the devastating tornado – we dedicated our singing this evening to them.

We had some rather unexpected but very welcome guests this evening. Four very nice ladies turned up expecting a concert. They had spotted an item in the Salford Advertiser ( we didn’t provide this incorrect information, but Lionel has been on to them asking for them to correct it) and took it to mean that we were performing at Eccles Library tonight. We were delighted that they decided to stay and listen to us anyway and share our enjoyment and laughter as Angela helped us with the challenges of singing what was actually written  on the page! One difficulty of learning songs that you are familiar with but which have been set in parts is that there is quite a tendency to sing what you think you know, rather than what you are supposed to sing; it takes real discipline to concentrate on producing the correct notes until it becomes internalised. Like everything else, it gets easier ( and hopefully, better) with practise!

I hope everyone enjoys the two-week break, but as Angela suggests, I will try to find time on the Tuesday evenings to get my music out and do a bit of singing, to be ready for the next time we meet. I expect I’ll see many of the choir before then at Angela’s concert on Friday 7th June at the Eccles Town Hall ( see earlier blog post for details).


Repeat after me

We made good progress with the Nightingale song tonight. It’s in four parts and beautifully arranged by choir member, Alex. The script is rather complex though and I suspect that  even those amongst us who have a good understanding of sheet music welcomed the little reminder Angela gave us about recognising where we need to turn back and repeat some of the music but with different words.  The musical repeat symbols mark the start and the finish of these sections. This means we can reduce the number of pages used, but it’s still possible to have a slightly different ending second time round.

repeat-signs_MUSICThe repeat marks are quite far apart in this piece and there were a couple of rather confused expressions and some page-flicking until Angela explained this musical notation technique; I’m sure it will ‘click’ for everyone by the end of the next practise.

The Oak-lahoma!  section of the Rodgers and Hammerstein medley was also a ‘runaway success ‘ – everyone seems to be really enjoying learning this one, although it will be a while yet before we are ready to perform it in public.  Which reminds me – don’t forget about Angela’s concert  on 7th June  (see the previous post for details)!

Forthcoming concert – everyone welcome, please come along!

Our Musical Director, Soprano Angela Rowley  will be giving a concert, ‘Summer Song’ at Eccles Town Hall on Friday evening, 7th June 2013 to raise money for choir funds (helping to keep subscriptions as low as possible). Baritone David Borsada will also be performing and both singers will be accompanied by pianist Catherine Hall-Smith.

Tickets are £7 each, pay at the door and the concert starts at 7.30pm. Refreshments are included and there will be a raffle, and prizes include two fabulous prizes provided by Sponsors of the choir.

Enquiries about the concert: 0161 788 9166